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At drykleen2go our professional dry-cleaning solutions are tailored to each individual
customer. This means no matter your cleaning requirements, we utilize our dry-cleaning machines in a custom way to suit any number of garments, whether they need a simple press or a deep clean.

Dry Cleaning

Your work and leisure take you everywhere. Spills, dirt, and wrinkles are a part of wearing clothes, so why deal with having to clean them up? Our experienced team and premier cleaning tools offer professional dry-cleaning services that are PERC-free and have fast turnaround times at locations near you.

Our dry cleaning and stain removal services range from clothing and luxury garments to household items and non-wearable items such as carpets, beddings, and draperies.

Wedding Dresses

At drykleen2go we treat your wedding dress with the utmost attention and care. Our cleaning teams are skilled experts in removing stains and pressing wedding dresses. We know your dress may well be one of the most significant and loved clothing pieces you will ever own, and we take the time and effort to ensure that it is well cared for.

Once your wedding gown is thoroughly cleaned, pressed, and looking flawless, we preserve it in a secure archival box to ensure your gown is safe from yellowing, humidity, and other impurities.


Our specialised and efficient cleaning services also include getting mud, stains and imperfections out of wearable garments. We are able to adapt our cleaning process to suit our customers other dry cleaning and laundering needs and offer cleaning services for bedding, curtains, high-end linens and almost all of your fabrics in the home.

Leather Goods

Professional cleaning of leather goods, like shoes, belts and jackets takes a skilled cleaner with access to the correct cleaning agents to ensure there is no discolouration or damage to the leather’s surface. Reaching out to us for a professional leather cleaning will mean your clean is more productive, more precise and a better quality.

Don’t settle for weathered and faded leather goods, drykleen2go has efficient and affordable professional leather cleaning solutions for all of our customers.


There are countless reasons why you may need a dress altered, something hemmed, or having a zipper replaced. As a result, we’ve developed the service for you. Our garment alterations can give sale items a whole new look and feel, for a far more affordable price than a brand-new dress, shirt, or pants. Partnering with professional tailors means we are able to complete the most intricate and complex clothing alterations.

Transform your clothing with our custom alteration services and turn a loose-fitting top or an un-zippable pair of jeans into a great new piece

Rugs and Carpets

Some of the most important furnishings and decor pieces in the home are often the easiest to stain or spill drinks on. Rugs and carpets are almost certainly the hardest hit by spills, food and other stain-causing mishaps, like tipping over a wine glass. Our stores feature a great multi-faceted cleaning facility that is able to accommodate for cleaning larger fabrics and pieces, like rugs, carpets, comforters and more. That means our carpet stain removal is best in class.

Get in touch with us today to discover cleaning processes developed for all the pieces you want to keep immaculate and stain free.