Whether your clothes or fabrics are stained, damaged, or too large, you’re in good hands with the team at [name]. Our team are your local professional dry cleaning specialists with expertise in stain removal, clothing alteration, cleaning upholstery and laundering.

We believe in an effortless experience, so we’ve designed all of our dry cleaning services for the ways our customers want to use them. From easy 24 hour drop-offs and effortless pick-up services for all of your clothing, rugs and more, you can rest assured your fabrics will be as good as new in no time.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is very similar to cleaning your fabrics at home, though there’s one major difference. Water is removed and replaced with a liquid solvent, this means your clothes only get very slightly wet and dry far quicker than if they were washed with water.

This is why dry cleaning is your best option for cleaning wedding dresses, suits and other fragile and fixed-shape clothing.

Do more of what you love. We’ll do the cleaning

We understand life gets dirty and sometimes not in the most convenient of times. Rain, mud and dust can all present a really difficult situation when it stains suits, dresses and even suede fabrics. Our team has developed a seamless process that means we can have your fabrics thoroughly cleaned, stain free and back to normal in no time.

A more advanced clean.

Utilising the most complex and advanced cleaning technologies and material cleaners means we are able to deeply clean an array of materials for our customers. These can include suede, leathers,  wedding gowns, household furnishings, linens and more. Our custom cleaning process means you can rest assured that your fabrics and clothing will be as good as new, no matter their state.

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